Extreme Driving Fails

Extreme Driving Fails


Com: Dallas : 2: 55 what the hell The car seems like it intentionally nudged the bike and then the driver ran them over and act surprised

Com :  Bunch : Bunch of Stupid idiots.... I kinda feel happy when they hurt themselves due to their irresponsible actions... will teach them a lesson!!!


Com : Turbo Trucks : Pear from annoying orange should watch this because on the title, it said: extreme driving fails 2018!


Com : Matteus :  8:26 You know it's bad when a big truck gets split in two. I don't know this might be the worst one, hope they somehow survived :


Com:  ddie : Thumb nail vs them ALLL!hehehehehehe-the biker fell off his bike poor dude-the one after that!holy the one after that one-HOLY


Com : Dav :  In Sovhyet Russia they arrest you for having too low alcohol level in blood. Car runs on gasoline, driver runs on vodka.


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